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Create Content Without Leaving Website
Chrome Extension

Easy way to create content with Chrome Bogar.AI Sidebar Extension & create engaging comment on single click on LinkedIn & Twitter

Bogar Chat

Access Bogar Chat inside your Browser without leaving the website


Use Control or Command + B to access Bogar within your window

40+ Templates

Create content using 40+ templates without leaving the website

LinkedIn Comments

Create engaging and intriguing comment on LinkedIn with one click

Twitter Comments

Create engaging and intriguing comment on Twitter with one click


What can I create with bogar.ai?

We have tools for everything you need to start and run your business! You can write blog posts, product descriptions, and even Instagram captions. We're always updating our tools, so let us know what else you'd like to see!

How much does it cost to create content?

Most of the essential tools have a free plan!

That's right, you can start creating content with our free plan.

However, if you want more content, you'll have to subscribe to our Starter plan!

Why use Chrome Extension?

So you can create content without leaving the website where you want to create the content.

Do you have Mobile app?

Our website works fine in Mobile browsers, we are working on developing Mobile app for Android, IOS and other Browser extension, coming soon.

What is Early Bird Offer?

As a launch offer, we are giving an early bird offer, so you can get the plan at a discount price.

If you are locked to this plan, your monthly/yearly billing & credits will remain the same irrespective of the future change in pricing or plan.

Don't wait, enroll now and lock this pricing.

Is Pro Plan truly unlimited?

Yes, we have allocated one million words for Pro Plan.

You are not allowed to use scripts and bots to generate content is completely restricted. The platform will be able to identify that and will not allow you to create more content.

If repeated offenders will be blocked from the system and their account will be disabled.

Which plan should I chose?

if you are starting out, please select the FREE plan.

If you need to accelerate your content process and get early access to new features then go with STARTER Plan.

For unlimited credits, you can buy Pro Plan.

What if run out of credits

If you are in the Starter Plan or LTD Plan and you run out of credits, reach out to us and we shall give you a special credit pack These credit packs come with 100K words to 1 Million Words

What languages does it support?

Currently, it support only English. We are working on including many more in future and it will be available in Starter plan.

Is the content generated original and plagiarism free?

Yes, Bogar.ai generates absolutely original copy based on your input & tool selected.

Do you offer discounts for large volumes or non-profits?

Yes, please write to us at hello@bogar.ai and we can help you out.

Do you have an API?

Yes, please write to us at hello@bogar.ai and we can help you out.

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© 2023 Made With ❤️ From Chennai, India 🇮🇳 | Created by Hari Kumaran

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